The Race

The year 2014 marked the date of something extraordinary: the dream of joining Milan and Sanremo in the longest European non-stop Ultramarathon, simply asking a question ....

"According to you, it is physically possible to run on foot from Milan to Sanremo?".
Impossible Target gives you the right answer: "BE ULTRA!"

This is the celebration of the Ultramarathon discipine: Impossible Target offers a challenge, the longest European non-stop reace, a journey that crosses three regions of Italy, 54 municipalities, and has as its sole common denominator the water: the element which distinguishes both the departure from the Darsena dei Navigli of Milan, and the arrival that, strictly speaking, must be the touch of the sea water of Sanremo.
Not a ribbon or an inflatable arch: THEW WATER.
A challenge that an Ultramarathon runner must have in his collection of experiences.
It's a journey that never ends, an event checked in every detail by who knows what we are talking about, actually running: thanks to the experience of Race Director Simone Leo (formerly UMS15 finisher, as well as Spartathlon, Balaton, NCR and recently ASA), to the GPS control of each of the participants, equipped with satellite transmitter to respect regulation and look after health protection, to the precision of marking the route, to the accuracy of a staff, always coordinated by Simone, who leaves nothing to chance, to Checkpoints (life bases) management, to health care guaranteed by the Italian Red Cross, up to the live storytelling of the event with non-stop contributions provided by our social media manager.
An Ultramarathon runner, friend of us... Ultra with a capital U, has described it as a 5-star competition for attention to detail.
Since 2018, it has been an even more international event with 18 nations competing: Indonesia, Italy, USA, Portugal, Switzerland, France, the Republic of Modavia, Russia, Brazil, UK, Germany, Holland, Greece, Sweden, Czech Republic, Argentina, Belgium and Spain.
UMS is also the opportunity offered to everyone to become Ultra, thanks to the relay formula that divides the path into 5 sections above 42195mt, an invitation that can hardly be declined, to run alongside the strongest Ultramarathon runners in history, to build together a titanic enterprise with Strenght of will.
"Strength of will" is also the name of the medal, designed by a young artist, Alberto Iob, and which represents the prize for all the finisher who will manage their energies and dominate their weaknesses for all 48 hours max., available to complete the route.
UMS is the race that awaits everyone: beyond the limit, the organization remains at the side of everyone and waits for all to arrive, but all those who can also finish it beyond the time limit because, first of all, it is not a competitive race, and secondly because the ULTRA spirit rewards those who finish from the first to the last. All finisher are champions!

The ULTRA race for excellence. The record race, the logest European non-stop ULTRA race. 285 Kilometers, race in single-stage or in relay mode, however ULTRA.
From April 14th 2023. Are you ready?


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The UMS – Single Stage - Registration fee is:

  • Euro 250 until 31/10/2022
  • Euro 300 from 01/11/2022 until 31/12/2022
  • Euro 350 from 01/01/2023 until 28/02/2023
  • Euro 400 from 01/03/2023 until 21/04/2023

The package includes:

  • Bib number
  • Spot GPS
  • Roadbook
  • Trophy
  • Medal
  • T-Shirt
  • Buff
  • Refreshments
  • Gadgets


The UMS – Relay Mode – Registration fee is:

  • Euro 150 until 31/10/2022
  • Euro 250 from 01/11/2022 until 13/04/2023

The package includes:

  • Bib number
  • Medal
  • Official T-Shirt
  • Refreshments
  • Gadgets
  • Official Buff

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